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ps-glen1Educated people can touch the pulse of a man and tell if his heart is in trouble. Pat can touch the pulse of a generation and tell you if they are remnant. This is mandatory reading for the unsatisfied. Caution: Gloves should be worn in handling this book. My longtime friend and minister reveals a blazing mandate for an awakening of an army. This message must be read and adhered to by every believer. Before you declare “I Am remnant,” read what it means! Your life will be transformed!

—Glen Berteau, pastor, The House, Modesto, CA


joelstockstillWe’re living in a day of great contradiction where “the love of many has grown cold.” And yet there is a remnant of people who are crying out for the God of Elijah to once again reveal Himself in the fires of Pentecost and the rains of revival. This separation should be of no surprise as the return of our Lord Jesus Christ draws near. He is separating the chaff and the wheat. He is preparing a bride without spot or blemish. Those of us who feel the compelling of the Spirit to not only have some oil but to have extra oil are rising up in the power of the Spirit and believing God for nations as our inheritance.

In the midst of this prophetic moment there is a sound that is being released. This sound is a sound of repentance, righteousness, and spiritual reformation. This sound is not something weak or “done in a corner” as Paul said. This sound is a clear call to those of like mind and those who are tired of mundane religion. There is a people who are hearing this sound and responding. The remnant is people of all races, colors, backgrounds, and creeds. They hear the sound to rise and move the gates of hell. They hear the sound to prepare their garments and store up the extra oil. This sound is articulated in great clarity by I Am Remnant. Pat Schatzline has once again gone to the mountain of God and returned with fresh manna from heaven. If you think this is your average, run-of-the-mill inspirational book then buckle your seat belts and get a box of tissues ’cause you will be rocked to the very core of your being!

—Joel Stockstill, pastor and evangelist, Bethany World Outreach Center, Baton Rouge, LA


bennyperezIn his new book Pat calls us back to the simplicity of living by the power of the Holy Spirit. This book will impact you so that you can make a lasting impact on this generation.

—Benny Perez, lead pastor, The Church at South Las Vegas, www.thechurchlv.com






Pat Schatzline is once again used of the Holy Spirit to pen words of awakening. In this book there is a voice calling sons and daughters into their God-given purpose.

—Karen Wheaton, evangelist and founder of The Ramp, Hamilton, AL




images-6I Am Remnant makes the warrior stand up inside whole-hearted Christians—just from reading the title!  It is more than a book.  It is a proclamation, a manifesto, and a declaration. It is a clarion call to a generation that is hungry for a purpose that demands their everything…and a mission that ripples into eternity. In a church world where books abound that console self-centeredness and cheap believism, I Am Remnant courageously cuts through the superficial norm. Read at your own risk. Your life will both be challenged and altered.

—Jeanne Mayo, leadership coach and founder of The Cadre and YouthLeadersCoach.com


Profile_Pic_2I was in the meeting the first time Pat Schatzline preached the powerful, life-changing message titled I Am Remnant. Hundreds of people passionately flooded the altars to declare that they would arise from the ashes of obscurity and stand as remnant in the earth. There is a remnant being assembled around the globe, a group of imperfect people who are totally committed to their perfect Savior, a generation that won’t quit because Jesus didn’t quit on them. The message in this book is not for the weak of heart—it is a clarion call to a generation to emerge as a force and manifest the kingdom of God in a lost culture!

—Shane Warren, pastor, The Assembly, West Monroe, LA


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.57.47 AMThe question of mankind down through the centuries, even back to the book of Genesis, is, who am I and what is meaning of my life? Do I have a purpose and destiny? Is my life really significant? Does my past disqualify me from future accomplishments? Should I aspire to do great things for the kingdom of God and would God really use me? I Am Remnant will answer all these questions, challenge you to aspire to go beyond your perceived limitations, and show you how to live a life of significance and finish life strong and fulfilled. Go for it!

—Dr. Al Brice, pastor, Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC


e265af853eThe only effective answer to today’s momentum of sin is the unleashed power of truth. Pat Schatzline has courageously and compassionately identified the defining focus of today’s generation of world-changers. Through I Am Remnant, believers hear the clear call of God’s heart not only to encounter Him but to receive from God His passion for the broken world.

—Jim Hennesy, pastor, Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, TX


pastorA remnant isn’t merely what remains. A remnant is all that the Lord requires from the whole of what was, continuing His work toward what will be. If you find yourself violated by kingdom complacency or yearning for a demonstrated power of more than great preaching, join Pat Schatzline (and a host of remnant warriors just like you and me) as we find strength in our declaration, “I am remnant!”

—Glenn Walters, lead pastor of Judah Church and founder of Shabbach Youth Conferences, Charlotte, NC


Rev-Yang-1981-T1-photoI am certain that Pat has hit the nail prophetically on this one. Just a cursory glance through the Scriptures will reveal that it is always through a remnant that God works through, whether it was the 7,000 in Elijah’s day, the remnant that returned to rebuild Jerusalem after their release from Babylonian captivity, or the remnant that God has preserved even until now in Israel. May the remnant arise gloriously in this hour, untainted and full of the Spirit of God. This book is a home run.

—Yang Tuck Yoong, pastor, Cornerstone Church, Singapore


16490_89_podcast-2The cry for a genuine, godly, balanced, hands-in-the-dirt remnant is long overdue. As the church vacillates from a hidden-in-the-sanctuary, false-holiness mentality to the current misrepresentation of grace without life transformation, we are in desperate need of a wake-up call! I encourage you to read this book, this message that God has given Pat Schatzline, and allow the Spirit of God to speak deeply to your heart. Are you remnant?

—George Sawyer, pastor, Calvary Church, Decatur, AL


scottPicToday there is a strong spirit from hell wooing people to bow to the culture of compromise, and God is trying to speak loud through His prophets to His church. I Am Remnant is a message penned by a prophet that declares the difference between relative truth and the absolute truth in the Word of God. We as His people must follow the Holy Spirit in these last days. It’s great to hear the voice of the prophet speaking loud to His church. We must listen now more than ever.

—Scott S. Schatzline, lead pastor, Daystar Family Church, Tuscaloosa, AL


ppaul_bio2_0807Pat Schatzline has done it again! I Am Remnant is right on target! This book is will break the chains of cultural carnality and thus infuse a generation with timeless truth, truth that will sustain an end-time revival of passion, purity, and, most of all, principle. This book will raise up a sold-out remnant speaking truth to a culture seeking truth. I for one am ready. Read the book. Join the movement. I am remnant!

—Paul Owens, pastor, Fresh Start Church, Peoria, AZ


301760_1968379735335_4270259_nThe book I Am Remnant by evangelist Pat Schatzline was first preached at CT Church in Houston, Texas, where I serve as the lead pastor. The message Pat delivered that night was absolutely revolutionary. I knew immediately that God would use that word to touch multiplied thousands of lives. Caution: As you read this book you will find yourself wanting to become a part of the remnant that is rising in these last days.

—Don Nordin, lead pastor, CT Church, Houston TX


garciaA powerful, well-written book about taking a stand for absolute biblical truth in a compromising, relativistic society. Pat Schatzline has written another fantastic book that is a must read for all parents, teachers, educators, elected officials, pastors, and anyone who cares about the future survival of our country.

—David Garcia, pastor, Grace World Outreach Church, Brooksville, FL


294305_2480784344755_228941580_nIn his new book I Am Remnant, my good friend Pat Schatzline delves deep into the culture of the remnant and highlights its beliefs and standards and its driving force, which is a deep, intimate relationship with God. In a time when being a part of the remnant is not popular, Pat calls each and every one of us to live the remnant lifestyle that God has called us to live.

—Andy and Patty Valenzuela, pastors, Ignite Movement, El Paso, TX


images-7Some books express ideas and hopes.  Some are filled with practical application of great principles. And some books communicate the heart of the author and the passion of a God who is mad about His children. Pat Schatzline has authored such a book. I Am Remnant is more than a book. It is the heart cry of a man who has spent the better part of his life raising a remnant for the cause of Christ. If your heart’s desire is to be a part of the last-days generation that screams “I am remnant!” read this book. You will not regret it!

—Den Hussey, campus pastor, The Crossing Place Fellowship, Morgan City, LA


img-staff-tedElijah once sat in despair believing that he was the only follower of God. But God revealed that He had 7,000 set aside who had not worshipped a false god. Today God has and continues to set apart men and women who will march to a different beat than the world is offering. These people are remnant. Each one of us has the opportunity to stand up and be counted. Pat Schatzline has heard the call and taken a stand. In Pat’s stand he has written a powerfully prophetic book that amplifies the voice of God to our world.  I hear the call, and I invite you to join the movement. I am remnant!

—Ted Miller, lead pastor, Crossroads, Oklahoma City, OK


staff_eddieAs I observe today’s society and its culture, I realize that there are only few true Christ followers left behind. Through the book I Am Remnant God reminds us that we are called to be the candle holders that contain His presence to shine His light! And while we stand against multitudes, we have nothing to fear because He is with us. We are remnant.

—Eddie Zaldana, Youth Director of the Spanish Eastern District of the Assemblies of God


photo.jpgPat Schatzline is a prophetic voice in our generation. This book speaks to the heart of believers and calls us to the forefront for reaching this world with a message of hope and salvation. I heartily endorse Pat’s new book I Am Remnant!

—Doug McAllister, lead pastor, Journey Fellowship Church, Lacombe, LA


JayMelanieStewart1Every person has a desire to be part of a winning team. The definition of a winning team in our society today is a moving target, left to the discretion of each person’s opinion or philosophy.  In his latest book I Am Remnant, Pat Schatzline clearly defines what a winning team looks like. In doing so, he also brings great motivation and credibility to those who dare to stand for truth. The winning team is Team Jesus, and it is made up of those who uphold the standards of God’s Word. I proudly recommend this book as a prophetic rallying point for today’s remnant.

—Jay Stewart (JayStewart.tv), founding/lead pastor, The Refuge, Charlotte, NC