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Are you apart of the Remnant of God? It’s our time as the body of Christ to stand up, be set apart and not depart until we see the glory of the Lord! Check out these incredible items as you take the mark as part of a Remnant that will not depart from the calling of the Lord!

I Am Remnant CD Series: 

The “I Am Remnant” Series includes the following messages by Pat Schatzline:

  • Remnant Rising
  • Simeon’s Cry
  • The Enemy within Me
  • Awaken the Samuels
  • Weeping Lions Roaring Lambs
  • Minister’s New Clothes
  • Emotions that Destroy a Leader
  • Tangled
  • They were Wrong
  • Audience of One

Series Cost: $35.00

You can purchase this series, and more, by Pat Schatzline at our resource mall by clicking here!


I Am Remnant Wrist Band:

Cost: $4.00

Click Here to order your “I Am Remnant” wrist band!

Remnant Poster

I Am Remnant Poster:

A copy of the Manifesto of the Remnant in which Pat quotes in the beginning of his new book.

Size: 11″ x 17″ poster

Cost: $5.00

Click Here to order your Remnant Poster!